Jean François Arsène PELEGRY  (L'isle d'Alby, 1813- Toulouse,1881)  France

Very large pair of 19th century painting, very decorative, with fresh colors, and perfect quality execution,  with original gilded frames. One representing some cows in a clearing ,  a stream throught the forest, at right and the moutains in the back ground

Born in L'Isle d'Alby where his family had lived since 1545, Pélégry was a part of the 19th century Regionalist Movement, which celebrated life in rural areas of France . The Tarn region is situated close to Toulouse, a combinaition of forests, mountains, vineyards and plains. Two painting of him are in the Museum of the Augustins in Toulouse

Oil on canvas, in good conditions, some old restorations,  canvas mending on the back. 

Can be sold separatly.

Signed "A. Pélégry"and dated 1876 lower right.

L : 172 cm   ( 67,5 inches ) with frame

H : 128 cm  ( 50,5 inches)

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